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Testing The AskSensors MQTT Broker Using Desktop

For your IoT projects with AskSensors, a good practice is to send a test data using a desktop to your AskSensors modules before programming your hardware. We ...

Connect PIR Motion Sensor and ESP32 to AskSensors over MQTT

PIR sensors allow to detect motion based on the detection of infrared energy emitted by a moving body, it means that we can use it to know when someone enters ...

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  1. Try to use %20 instead of underscore.

  2. You can find your username on the top/right menu, or on the actuator page in the “Actuator details” then “Author”.

  3. Hi “HACK IOT”,

    Thank you for reaching out. To customize your binary graph, please follow these steps:

    1- open your sensor device page and Go to the Modules Tab.
    2- Click on the ‘Add graph’ button, choose ‘Binary’ as graph type.
    3- Setup your binary graph by setting the On/OFF values and labels as shown in the picture , and click Save.

    Kind Regards.