New AskSensors Release !

Dear friends,

We would like to share with you a description of the new features, that are now live with the AskSensors IoT Platform :

1) Main Features:

a- Actuator devices:

The Actuator devices allow users to send commands from the AskSensors Web application to the physical device. For example, you can turn ON/OFF the light, variate the motor speed or send specific orders to your actuators in real time.

For additional details on your actuator devices creation, check out this guide.

To better understand in-depth How to control actuators with AskSensors over MQTT, we strongly recommend you to check out the following guides and tutorials:

b- Multi-chart dashboards:

Dashboards are the human-machine interfaces where AskSensors users visualize their sensors and actuators data easily. Now, you can visualize up to three sensor data in the same widget.

More details are available here.

2) Additional Features:

a- Download center :

The download center is a space where users can find the history of their exports and download their devices data in CSV or Json format.

b- Date and Time setting:

You can set your data visualization to a specific Date format and Time zone.

c- Frensh version:

Many pages of Asksensors are now available in French. Take a look à la version française d’AskSensors 😉

d- Bug fixes.


Upcoming releases?

Next step is to provide clients with a complete IoT solution with automation features and enable specific actions when the sensor data meet a certain condition.

For example, you can set your Air Conditioner to automatically turn ON when the temperature of the room exceeds a certain threshold.

The AskSensors team started working on this task!


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